Dean   Drennan


     My 26th CD project       

Released Nov. 18th  2019

                      Play Samples  here

"Abiding Presence" the CD "Among Two Worlds"
"Holy Habitation Part 2" from the CD "Among Two Worlds"
"Life Giver" from the CD "Among Two Worlds"
"Something In Between" from the CD "Among Of Two Worlds"
"Spirit" from The CD "Among Of Two Worlds"
"Tabernacle Of God." from the CD "Among Two Worlds"

CD Liner Notes


This Project is in response to a most unexpected visit by the “Holy Parents”. I was convinced at the time that this was the best and healthiest I would be at age 61. After my visitations it was explained to me that my cleansing and health regimen took 7 years to manifest now into the outside of my body; in other words from the inside out. So I was now seeing what I started in 2012. I am now the same weight and size I was in High School; but actually physically stronger.  I am forever grateful for all the instruction and glad I put forth the effort and research to perfect this temple. This is the best birthday (62) / Christmas present I could have ask for. I am in a perpetual state of Thanksgiving and this helped facilitate my transformation. So in essence this is perfectly timed to be both a “Thanksgiving” and a Birthday project.

The main themes in this project are.

1)       The two worlds we live in as believers simultaneously represented by the 4 suites.

2)       The biblical concept of our spirit to Spirit life of abiding in Him, and He in us.


Background and Info About the songs:

The songs   “Doorway to Destiny”, “Abiding Presence”, “Communion and Connection”, have to do with our relationship with the Godhead.

The “vehicle” to accomplish this is “Tabernacle of God”. We are the temple. We will become “Living Stones”.  The “Life Giver” is who He is. This I now know in a special way.

Lastly; but certainly most importantly is “Something In Between”. This song came last and then was included and is about my recent transformation: I literally feel closer to the original unfallen Adam than a present day human.

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