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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. ----- THIRD RISING -----
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Battle For Birthright
Dean Drennan - Third Rising
0:52 · 128 Kbit/s · 818 KB · MP3
Part of the "Prayer For The Prodigals Suite". I am interceding here in spiritual warfare for my children and their destinies.
Becoming Truth
Dean Drennan - Becoming Truth
0:52 · 128 Kbit/s · 810 KB · MP3
Partly based on the story of the woman at the well in John chapter 4; and my own spiritual renewal. This is the opening piece in the "Abiding Worship Suite".
Cloud Of Presence
Dean Drennan - Third Rising
0:49 · 128 Kbit/s · 766 KB · MP3
The closing piece in the "Abiding Worship Suite". This is the surrounding ever present manifestation of God. We should strive to "remain" here with Him.
Father Heart
Dean Drennan - Third Rising
1:00 · 128 Kbit/s · 942 KB · MP3
The opening track for the CD. The first song in the "Prayer For The Prodigals Suite". I am explaining both my relationship to God and between me and my sons.
Founded In Faith
Dean Drennan - Third Rising
0:51 · 128 Kbit/s · 791 KB · MP3
One of a series of songs on this CD concerning America’s heritage and future.
The Last Door - Letting Go
Dean Drennan - Third Rising
0:58 · 128 Kbit/s · 909 KB · MP3
This piece is in reference to the "closing" process I am currently working through. This is both painful but also healing.
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