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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. --Darkness Then Light--
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Beginning In Darkness
0:59 · 64 Kbit/s · 462 KB · MP3
This is the second song in "Birth Of Earth" suite. About the Creation.
Biosphere In Balance
0:55 · 64 Kbit/s · 433 KB · MP3
Third song in "Rule Of Day" suite; and the song before the closing track.
Day Theme
1:08 · 64 Kbit/s · 535 KB · MP3
The closing track of the project; and last song in "Rule Of Day".
Eternal Light
1:07 · 64 Kbit/s · 520 KB · MP3
Last track in "Cosmic Transformation" mini suite. This refers to the eternal state after the resurrection.
0:57 · 64 Kbit/s · 443 KB · MP3
Fourth song in "Birth Of Earth" Suite. About the creation
Within The Dream
0:57 · 64 Kbit/s · 448 KB · MP3
Openning track in "Through The Veil" Suite. Refers to our temporary life here on Earth.
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