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Baptism Of water
Dean Drennan - Through The waters
0:37 · 64 Kbit/s · 289 KB · MP3
A step of empowerment and obedience. A symbol of the crossing over.
Cleansing Flow
Dean Drennan - Through The Waters
0:59 · 64 Kbit/s · 457 KB · MP3
This process begins at spiritual birth and continues through our lives; Baptism being another step along the way.
Drawn From The Deep
Dean Drennan - Through The Waters
1:07 · 64 Kbit/s · 526 KB · MP3
This song is partially inspired by the meaning and story of the name of Moses. Also a picture of the initial creation.
The Celestial Sea
Dean Drennan - Through The Waters
1:03 · 64 Kbit/s · 494 KB · MP3
The sea within the 3rd heaven surrounding God's dwelling place.
The Ingathering
Dean Drennan - Through The Waters
1:19 · 64 Kbit/s · 618 KB · MP3
This is another name foe the ressurection of the dead; when we shall all be raised in eternal bodies.
Upon Te Sea Of Glass
Dean Drennan - Through The waters
1:06 · 64 Kbit/s · 514 KB · MP3
A musical picture of our "reward service" before the throne of God.
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