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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. -- 2 CD set. Disc 1 Signs And Seasons, Disc 2 The Crossing --
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All Things New
625 KB · OGG
The Closing piece to the entire 2 CD set. This looks forward to the eternal state to coma after the Millenial Rein.
Crossing Over
688 KB · OGG
The 3rd part in "The Goshen Extraction" mini suite. Another play on the meaning of hebrew - one who crosses over
574 KB · OGG
The 3rd phase of "SolarStorms - In 3 Phases" This is about the rise in solar activity.
Flood Watch
431 KB · OGG
I recorded this song in early February. Another track mentioning the numberous floods world wide.
488 KB · OGG
The 2nd Track in "Climactic Conditions - Suite". Refers to the Sun's increased activity.
In Safety
479 KB · OGG
The Closing track to "The Goshen Extraction" The place of safety for God's chosen durring the end times.
In Transit
582 KB · OGG
The middle song in "Planetary Procession" mini suite. This suite was inspired by the Venus Transit in June.
New Atmosspherics
638 KB · OGG
The closing title in "Climactic Conditions - Suite". A play on words concerning the bizzare weather. I wanted a more positite feeling for this track to end the suite on.
Passing Of The First
615 KB · OGG
"Passing Of The First" is like a companion to "Birth Of The Second" on Disc 2. Thses two are like bookends; or New and Old Testament. The first world and the new world to come.
Reign Of Righteousness
495 KB · OGG
A piece speaking of the Millenial Reign of Jesus The Messiah.
Secordary System
340 KB · OGG
There are many meanings for this song. Mainly a second solar system; and Satans counterfeits.
The Dark Rift
596 KB · OGG
About the Mayan prophest of 2012. Galactic alignment to the center of our system.
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