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The Refreshing (1998)
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This is my 1st CD released in the summer of 1998. The foundations of this project are rooted in a literal prophesying forth of restoration to my local church and the people involved there. God showed me visions and gave me instructions on how to "effectively" pray against the plans of satan.
The Longing (1998)
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This is my 2st CD released in the winter of 1998. The underlying theme here is of following the Lord where ever He goes. The piece "FireCloud" is a musical representation of the pillar/cloud that lead and protected the Isrealites on thier journey through the desert. "The Voyager Suite" is an extended piece (11:05) and is dedicated to St. Brendan the navigator. His journey so inspired me and fit the thrust of this recording.
Remembrances (1999)
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This is my 3rd CD released in early 1999. By far the most personal and intimate of all my recordings. This work is dedicated to the memory of my late brother Vance Stewart Drennan (1959-1979). This project centers around many references in the bible concerning remembrance. We are to always keep in our thoughts Gods dealings in our lives and His word. We also see in numerous passages to put God Himself in remembrance of His promises to us. Lastly there is the memories of those who have proceeded us to the eternal realm.
Spirit Rain (1999)
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This is my 4th CD released in the spring of 1999. I am trying in this project to bring to light a very intense theme. All throughout my life as a christian I am humbled by the awe and power of the Spirit of God. It is my hope to convey to you the listener why God commanded us to "be filled" with His Spirit.
Heirs Of Promise (1999)
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This is my 5th CD released in the summer of 1999. The main inspiration for this recording is based on the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as recorded in the book of Genesis Chapters 12-35. The "Sojourner Suite" captures the high points of Abrahams experiences.
Ancient Pathways (2000)
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This is my 6th CD released in April of 2000. This recording is based on a couple of different themes: 1) some significant events in the past, and 2) A global concept of people returning to these "Ancient Pathways".
Passage To Eden (2000)
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This is my 7th CD released in November of 2000. This one is a 2 CD set. This project is based on mans desire to find and reclaim the once lost garden of Eden. I have attemped to make a musical journey through various stages of world history.
Gathering Of The Tribes (2001)
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This is my 8th CD released in the summer of 2001. The most 'tribal" in scope of all my CDs. The main concept behind these pieces is of a re-uniting of all people groups on a truely global scale; and of healing of both people and the land.
Approaching Eternity (2002)
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This is my 9th CD released in April of 2002. The main theme put forth on this recording is eternity. It is my sincere belief that in the near future we will see these "gateways" open and once again access the realm of the eternal. The angels of God are already being seen by some.
Kingdom Of Light (2003)
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This is my 10th CD released in February of 2003. The central theme of these pieces is that of light.
Tides Of Turning (2004)
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This is my 11th CD. Released Dec 15, 2004. The central theme to this project is the massive changes to the earth and it's people, and of a turning to a more Spiritual way of life.
Visions Of Destiny (2005)
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This is my 12th CD. Released Oct 15, 2005. The central theme to this project is a looking forward into the near future; and a hope for better times ahead.
Return To Eden (2006)
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This is my 13th CD. Released Dec 21, 2006. Another double CD project. The central theme to this project is Restoration of the old world and the coming new world.
The Fullness Of Time (2007)
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This is my 14th CD released September 15th, 2007. This is my most personal CD project to date. The main themes are the coming changing season ending in 2007 and the new one to come in 2008 and beyond. Also This is my "Jubilee" year as can be evidenced by the ending track "On Coming Of Age - Suite". I also bring forward my own life experiences in going through the tough stuff to celebrate the good times to come.
Confirming The Call (2008)
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This is my 15th CD released November of 2008. This CD is based on my own on-going personal adventures through life; and a looking forward to the fullfillment of my destiny.
Place Of Promise (2009)
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This is my 16th CD released on October 29th 2009. The theme here is of being about our Fathers business as good managers of the talents given to us. Also there is the need to consider the warnings left to us by the ancients.
Third Rising (2010)
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This is my 17th CD released on November 15th 2010. The theme here is Forsaking self, becoming a true worship warrior; and intercessor.
Covenant Nation (2011)
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This is my 18th CD released on September 2nd 2011. The theme here is My ongoing healing, and the prayerful future of our great nation.
Signs And Seasons - The Crossing (2012)
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This is my 19th CD a 2 CD set. Disc 1 Signs And Seasons, Disc 2 The Crossing. Released on September 1st 2012. Theme The many and more frequent heavenly and climate changes in the last few years. And the watch for the end times.
Closing The Circle (2013)
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This is my 20th CD released on September 20th 2013. Theme: The soon coming end of this present age. And the watch for the new one to come.
Testimony Of Two (2014)
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This is my 21st CD released in Sept. of 2014. Theme: The witness of two, the comming two witnesses; and the marriage of "the remnant" and "the church".
Darkness Then Light (2015)
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This is my 22st CD released in Sept. 11 2015. Theme: Ecclesiastes 7:8 (Complete Jewish Bible) The end of something is better than its beginning, so the patient are better than the proud.
Through The Waters (2016)
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My 23rd CD release. Released in November of 2016. The main theme is of the trinity of waters, baptism and passing over. The Eternal Reward s partially inspired by the following verses Isa. 52:12, 58:8, Rev. 22:12.
Shiloh Returning (2017)
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My 24th CD release. Released Sept. 23rd 2017. The main theme is of the Millennial Temple decribed in Ezek. 40-48. and the prophesy given to Judah in Gen. 49:10.
Restoring The Kingdom (2018)
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My 25th CD release. Released Dec. 2nd 2018. There are 3 main themes that are woven through the recordings. 1) The model prayer of Jesus; also known as the “Lord’s Prayer” (Matt. 6:9-13) 2) The 4 spheres of Earth 1. Geosphere 2. Hydrosphere 3. Biosphere 4. Atmosphere 3) These scriptures Acts 15: 16-17, Isaiah 9:6-7, Amos 9:11-12. The City Of David, The Throne Of David; and the Tabernacle Of David: and the return of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth realm.
Among Two Worlds (2019)
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My 26th CD release. Released Nov. 18th 2019. The main themes in this project are. 1) The two worlds we live in as believers simultaneously represented by the 4 suites. 2) The biblical concept of our spirit to Spirit life of abiding in Him, and He in us.
Journey Toward Destiny (2020)
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My 26th CD release. Released Nov. 18th 2019. The main themes in this project are. 1) Staying in the place of peace in spite of difficult times (The Overshadowing). 2) Adding faith to faith looking past the current situation 3) Moving toward a new and better destiny.
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