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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. ------ ANCIENT PATHWAYS ------
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Founding Fathers
604 KB · WMA
I am paying respect to the great patriarchs of old.
Fountains Of The Deep
624 KB · WMA
A musical interpetation of the great flood of Noah.
Rebuilding The Ruins
551 KB · WMA
Symbolic of all those who like the ancients have had to re-build time and time again.
Rivers Of Egypt
536 KB · WMA
In memory of the worlds first 'high-tech' society.
Sides Of The North
431 KB · WMA
A tribute to the Native American peoples.
Spirit Of Iona
610 KB · WMA
Remembering the Celtic monks and their dedication.
The Returning
827 KB · WMA
The returning of people to the "Ancient Pathways".
Windows Of Heaven Pt 1
501 KB · WMA
Another piece dedicated to Noah and the pre-flood world.
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