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Empires Under The Sun
510 KB · WMA
This piece is inspired by the once great ancient empires of south and cenral america.
Ice Bridge
507 KB · WMA
This is part of the "Northern Passage - Bering" suite. I am depicting the bridge accross the bering strait that the natives walked accross years ago.
445 KB · WMA
I tried to create a flowing piece that stirs up a feeling of the lost civilization calling, almost warning. It is sad in nature by design.
Mons Calpe
442 KB · WMA
This is the old Latin (Roman) name for the rock of gibralter.
Perfect Paradise
671 KB · WMA
This is a reference to the perfectness of the original garden of Eden.
Pillar Of Atlas
466 KB · WMA
466 KB · WMA
Part of the "Eastern Passage" suite. One of the 4 ancient 'gates of Hercules' (Eastern Passage).
The Celestial City
706 KB · WMA
A reference to the soon to be appearing orbiting city of God (New Jurusalem)
The Garden Restored
583 KB · WMA
This is when the garden is restored here on earth in the end times.
Thors Hammer-Thule
425 KB · WMA
A reference to the ancient world of the Viking peoples.
Tierra Del Fuego
610 KB · WMA
Part of the "Southern Passage" suite (Magellan). Means Land of fire.
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