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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. ----- TIDES OF TURNING -----
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Counter Currents Part 2
759 KB · WMA
This piece is a picture of a turning in direction to a more "wholesome" and Spititual way of life.
Global Shift
486 KB · WMA
Here I am presenting a musical description of the massive re-generation, and re-shaping of this planet that is about to take place.
Lunar Influence
515 KB · WMA
About the effect of heavenly bodies on the earth and it's people.
Oceanic Circulation
756 KB · WMA
The foremost concept here is the need to examine the future of our eco-system.
Polar Reversal
468 KB · WMA
Another piece with a musical take on the earth changes about to happen.
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