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Days Of Visitation - Confimation
480 KB · WMA
This is the second of two songs about angelic observations underway at the present time.
Days Of Visitation - First Encounter
489 KB · WMA
This is the first of two pieces depicting angelic observations currently underway.
Deserts Dust and Dreams Part 2
542 KB · WMA
The closing piece in "The Fight For Freedom - Suite". Dedicated to our troops abroad.
Face Of The Deep
729 KB · WMA
This is part of the first Suite "Creation Of The Cosmos". This is a musical picture of the creation.
Future Hope
683 KB · WMA
The middle piece in a suite dedicated to our troops. We must have the patience to finish these tasks, and to realize the that many peoples future depends on our efforts.
Rain Maker
433 KB · WMA
Here I am reflecting on my 1st CD "The Refreshing". The vocals are taken from that CD.
489 KB · WMA
A picture of the renewal about to take place.
847 KB · WMA
Another piece looking to the soon renewal.
Terra's Twilight
703 KB · WMA
A piece showing the present state of the earth and it's need for redemption.
Tree Of Life
474 KB · WMA
The tree of life restored again in the new kingdom to come.
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