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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. ----- THE FULLNESS OF TIME -----
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Gaining Ground
518 KB · WMA
This piece is about mt son Justin and the struggle for his full healing.
Meeting Of Worlds - 070707
630 KB · WMA
Here I am speaking of the passing of one time and the approaching of a new one.
556 KB · WMA
The first part of "On Coming Of Age" the ending suite. Highly personal. This is about my "Jubilee" Year. Again this is to define the discipline to work through the tough stuff.
Prayer For Patience
486 KB · WMA
Devine aquisition for the road ahead.
Semi-Centenial Season
536 KB · WMA
The last part of "On Coming Of Age" the ending suite. This closes the CD. The mood is for my "Jubilee" year.
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