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Rendered from .wav files to 64k in their prospective formats. ----- CONFIRMING THE CALL -----
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Celestial Commandments
706 KB · WMA
The 2nd song in the mini-suite "The Continuing Call". Leaning to hear the A cosmic messages.
Come As A Child
706 KB · WMA
We as disciples must at times understand the need to have our faith tested by this humbling reality.
Follow Me - First Birth
829 KB · WMA
This is a reference to our first phyical birth. Our spirit is longing to conect with the Creator.
Home Once More
600 KB · WMA
I wrote this piece looking forward to my soon moving back to a previous place I once lived.
Return Of Atlantis
542 KB · WMA
The 3rd and closing piece in "Atlastas Calling - Suite". We should be hearing, and seeing the 'Ways Of The Ancients' very soon.
Victory Circle
636 KB · WMA
The 3rd and last song in "Way Of The Warrior". This is another suite of pieces about my native american side.
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