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Review of "Tides Of Turning" (2004)
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Dean Drennan's 2004 CD, "Tides of Turning", is a guitar based exploration of space around a global environment. The tunes weave through lunar and earthbound exploration and at times you can imagine Drennan jamming on his guitar at one with the universe. 


Review of "Passage To Eden" (2000)
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Dreannan's 2000 CD, "Passage to Eden", features guitar and effect swelling along with natural effect backgrounds that illustrate audibly the 13 tracks on this 2-CD collection. The first CD is themed "Western World" - and the second "Eastern World".

Review of "Gathering Of The Tribes" (2001)
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Dean Drennan's 2001 CD, "Gathering of the Tribes" is a 13 tune collection of indigenous sounds and tribal compositions - with a tone that is dedicated to those who are in support of a true global community. The genre falls somewhere between instrumental new age and ethnic tribal music - supplemented with western instrumentation (guitars/keys) along with environmental sound scapes and looping percussive rhythms.


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