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         FireCloud Productions  Sampler Volume 2


                       Compiled from from the following CD releases

                           covering material from (1999 - 2001)


                                                  *Volumes 1 and 3 also available (see samplers page on this site)




    5th CD Heirs Of Promise (1999)                               

                                                              6th CD Ancient Pathways (2000)

  7th CD Passage To Eden (2000) 2 CD set          

                                                                8th CD Gathering Of The Tribes (2001)

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FireCloud Productions started as a pet project following Dean Drennanís layoff from his job. And from there itís just taken off seeing a total of 10 total CDs since í98. His sound is certainly new age and instrumental in nature but he deviates from stereotypes and refuses to be categorized. All of his songs however share one unique thing, which is an uplifting spirit and a sound that could almost be found in nature. Truly beautiful and relaxing to boot.

- J-Sin


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