Hold It Fast

Dean  Drennan

     My 29th CD project       

Released November.  2022


1) Key Of David                      2:34

2) Grateful Heart                     2:23

3) Paradise Of God                  3:31
Book Of Life                            0:57   
A New Name                             1:34     
Sparkling Gem Stone               1:00     

4) Gift Of Grace                     2:10

5) Hidden Manna                   3:07

6) Morning Star                     3:01

7) Tried and Tested                4:08

8) Rooted in Faith                  8:57
Testimony Of Jesus               2:07     
    Eyes Of Fire                          2:46          
  Spirit Of Prophesy                 1:14        
  Pillar Of God                         2:50

     9) Gold Refined                       2:01   

10) Spirit Of Thanksgiving  2:15

11) Reins and Hearts            1:28

12) Anchored Above               5:50
Crown Of Life                    1:36
Patient Endurance            1:52
Crown Of Righteousness  2:22

13) An Open Door                   2:16

14) Be At Peace                        3:00


This is the 3rd and last part of a trilogy of recordings. 1) “Journey To Destiny” 2020, 2) “Strengthen What Remains” (2021) ; and this one 3) “Hold It Fast” (2022).  As we sit on the verge of whatever God has planned for this country it is imperative that the remnant endure to the end.

Like the other projects this theme is as the one track says “Patient Endurance”.  We have been given the final orders: thus the name of the project. Again the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation and other verses are part of the inspiration. The end result is to “Be At Peace”


About the songs:

Let’s start with the two suites, “Rooted In Faith”, and :”Anchored Above”.  It feels at times like a tight rope the duality of the faith walk. Speaking of the duality “Key Of David” is also a reference to the warrior / Worship leader that David is as a type of Christ.The 3rd suite ”Paradise Of God” is part of our reward along with “Hidden Mana”, “Morning Star”, The rst are vehicles to get us through. The closing track “Be At Peace” is that final product we will receive before the rewards are handed out. Hold with me.

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