Journey Toward Destiny

    Dean Drennan


     My 27th CD project       

Released November 2020

Play Samples  here

"A Healing Peace" from the CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"
"Presence of Fire" from the CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"
"Within The Gates" from the CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"
"Atmospheric Shift" from the CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"
"Prophet's Reward" from The CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"
"Overshadowed" from the CD "Journrey Toward Destiny"

CD Liner Notes


This project was created and developed in the midst of the increasing political and social division. This only got worse after the riots, looting, and lawlessness, the arrival of Cov-id and the many changes to our lives; and the western wildfires. I am holding fast. I suggest you do the same.

Ironically the overall feel of this project is that of positivity and hope. As the real POC (People of Christ) we should have this attitude to show a world that is driven by a constant fear "A More Excellent Way".

The main themes in this project are.

1) Staying in the place of peace in spite of difficult times (The Overshadowing).
2) Adding faith to faith looking past the current situation
3) Moving toward a new and better destiny.

About the songs:
The songs Let’s start with the three suites:

“Beyond The Storm” and “The Appointed Season”. This is the process of faith tested and tried. “EverPresence Suite” A musical picture of God with us. This is the vehicle to transport us through the various trials.

“Agent Of Transformation”, “Promise Maker”, and “Hidden Manna” Are pictures of God coming alongside us to move us “Towards The Call” and “Within the Gates” (to the heavenly realm).
“Prophet's Reward”, “Molecular Balance” and “A Healing Peace” are about the covid issue.
“Hope Renewed” is the final product and a fitting closing piece.


                                               Dean Drennan

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