Restoring The Kingdom

  Dean Drennan

              My 25th CD project       

        Released November 2018

CD1 In Earth-Earth Mother 37:56

01. Hallowed be Thy Name 1:57

02. Thy Kingdom Come 3:09

03. City Of David Pt.1 5:03
Gihon Spring 1:57
Tabernacle Of David 1:43
Restoring The Ruins 1.23

04. Hydrosphere-Suite 9:18
Way Of The Waves 1:29
Walking On Water 2:48
CloudRider 2:21
Water Birth 1:18
Healing Pool 1:21

05. Thine Is The Kingdom 2:56

05. Our Daily Bread 1:51

07. Lead Us Not Into Temptation 3:21

08. Geosphere-Suite 10:00
Pillars Of Fire 2:41
Foundations Of The Mountains 2:46
Memory Stones 4:33

CD2 In Heaven-Sky Father 38:36

01. Deliver Us From Evil 5:05

02. Thy Will Be Done 2:55

03. The Path Of Forgiveness 3:00

04. Biosphere-Suite 10:10
Celebration Of Life 2:23
Birth Of Water And Spirit 1:48
Through The Eyes Of God 2:46
Behold It Is Good 1:00
Creation Cries Out 2:12

05. City Of David Pt.2 4:31
Throne Of David 1:22
A Son Is Given 3:09

06. Heavenly Father 3:04

07. Atmosphere-Suite 9:35
The Wind And The Spirit 4:55
Vault Of Heaven 3:59
Bridge To Beyond 1:41

08. The Power, And The Glory 1:15

Total Playing time 76:32

CD Liner Notes

This Project is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of FireCloud Productions. It is also my 25th release; as well as my 4th double CD project.

There are 3 main themes that are woven through the recordings.

1)      The model prayer of Jesus; also known as the “Lord’s Prayer” (Matt. 6:9-13)

2)      The 4 spheres of Earth 1. Geosphere 2. Hydrosphere 3. Biosphere 4. Atmosphere

3)      These scriptures Acts 15: 16-17, Isaiah 9:6-7, Amos 9:11-12. The City Of David, The Throne Of David; and the Tabernacle Of David: and the return of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth realm.

Besides these main themes there are also some re-occurring; and re-visited portions from previous projects.


Background and Info About the songs:

The songs  “Hallowed be Thy Name”, “Thy Kingdom Come”, “Thine Is The Kingdom”, “Our Daily Bread”, “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”, “Deliver Us From Evil”, “Thy Will Be Done”, “The Path Of Forgiveness”, “Heavenly Father”, and “The Power, And The Glory” are directly from the “model” Prayer Of Jesus.

Next are the 4 Spheres of earth each with their own Suite. 1. “Atmosphere-Suite”, 2. “Biosphere-Suite”, 3. “Geosphere-Suite”, and 4. “Hydrosphere-Suite”.

Lastly; but certainly most importantly are the two suites “City Of David parts 1 and 2”. Restoring the Kingdom is all about these. The City, Tabernacle, and Throne of David. See the scripture references above. 


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