Shiloh Returning

  Dean Drennan

              My 24th CD project       

        Released Sept. 23rd 2017


01 Ark Of Testimony 3:00

02 Pillar Of Cloud 4:00

03 Old Covenant 3:40
Mount Sinai 1:07
Tabernacle 2:33

04 The Double Portion 2:47

05 Spirit Of Promise 3:59

06 Ekklesia 3:49
First Remnant 1:12
Church Age 1:12
Second Remnant 1:06

07 Mount Horeb 2:31

08 Sacred Flame-Orange Vision 2:27

09 New Covenant 4:03
The Gospel 1:22
The BRANCH 2:41

10 Washing Of Rgeneration 3:12

11 Holy Assembly 2:48
Judaism 1:14
Christianity :40
Millennial Kingdom :53

12 Mount Moriah-Zion 3:28

13 Living Waters 2:33

14 Habitation Of God 2:24

Total Playing Time 45:17


CD Liner Notes
Background and Inspiration

This project was partially inspired by the description of the Millennial Temple and mount in Ezek. chapters 40-48. Also the prophesy to Judah in Genesis 49:10. This new structure will be located in what used to be the Shiloh area of the original Tabernacle.

Along with the references to the Ark and Tabernacle are the contrasting Old and New Covenants; as well as the different historical systems for followers of YHWH throughout the years.

About the Songs

"Ark Of Testimony", "Pillar Of Cloud", "Mount Horeb", and "Old Covenant" refer to the original Old Testament Levitical systems; and of the Patriarchs.

"The Double Portion", "Spirit Of Promise", "Washing Of Regeneration", and "Living Waters" are change agents afforded us through Gods Spirit.
"Mount Moriah-Zion", and "New Covenant" point to the New Testament; and Millennial periods.

"Ekklesia", and "Holy Assembly" represent the main historical systems of believers throughout the years.

"Sacred Flame- Orange Vision" is unique as it is dedicated in memory of Edgar Froese: thus the obvious T-dream reference and song stylings.

"Habitation Of God" closes the CD as the final eternal state; when all is fulfilled.

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