Signs And Seasons - The Crossing

Dean Drennan

     My 19th CD project       

Released Sept. 26th 2012


 Disc 1 - Signs & Seasons

 01) True To The Vision                                     02:34

  02) Signs Of The Season - Suite                        11:14

     1) Omens Of The Oracles                   
     2) Countdown To 2012                        
     3) Solar Shift                                        
     4) Seventh Cycle                                    
     5) Transition From Time                     

  03) Proven By Fire                                           03:15

  04) Running The Race                                      03:26
  05) Redeeming The Time                                  03:26

  06) Holding Fast                                                02:26

Disc 2 - The Crossing


  07) Faithful Stewards                                        03:16

  08) Realms Of The Deep                                   03:16

  09) Keeping the Covenant                                 03:11

  10) Place Of Promise                                         03:11

  11) Taken - The Enoch Effect                           06:34

      1) Journey Of Faith                           
      2) Method Of Transport                     
      3) Lost In Translaton                         
      4) Celestial Citizen         



This project is a reflection of my ongoing faith walk    and struggles. In view of the many unsettling events both present and to come; let me try and be a bringer of encouragement. May you find some comfort and consolation in these musical paintings.

Dean Drennan

About This music:

Signs Of The Season - Suite is a musical picture of the various prophecies and warnings considering events in our near future.

Taken - The Enoch Effect describes a human becoming and eternal in an instant; like the ancients with intimate knowledge of the universe and God.

Realms Of The Deep is concerning the planets original and oldest source of life.

Place Of Promise represents our quest to acheive our full potential and purpose.

The rest of the tracks are about the process of stewardship and faithfulness with our God given talents.

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