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         Streams of  samples  here!             

 Shoutcast 2 Stream   

Click the link or the picture to the left or  Put this into your players "location/URL" field. 

Shoutcast HTML5 Player

Icecast 2 Stream     

Click the link above the picture to the left  then select "Listen".  Or type into your players "location/URL" field.

You may need to download the Vorbis  DirectShow Filters to play this stream.

    Andromeda page (64k mp3, wma, and ogg)       

   Wimpy RAVE  EMBEDDED player (64k)   Adobe Flash based

Select from the 22 CDs using the listings and cover icons to the right. Each CD has it's own cover menu with samples from each CD.  (If this gets messed up just "reload" this page)

Wimpy Player

For The Wimpy RAVE  STANDALONE player click the icon To The Right


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