Through TheWaters

     Dean Drennan

             My 23rd CD project       

             Released Nov.  2016

        1) Waters Below                                                           7:20

            Birth Of The Biosphere                                                                       1:22
                The Second Heaven                                                                             2:06
                Drawn From The Deep                                                                       3:52

        2) Born Of Spirit                                                          4:22
           Refining Fire                                                                                         1:47
              Baptism of Fire                                                                                      2:34

        3) River Of Life                                                            3:05

        4) Waters Within                                                          5:30
               Living Water                                                                                         1:28
               Heaven Within                                                                                      2:05
               Crossing The Sea                                                                                  1:56

       5) Rainbow Promise                                                      2:24

       6) Born Of Water                                                          5:45
            Cleansing Flow                                                                                      3:02
               Baptism of Water                                                                                  2:42

       7) Waters Above                                                            6:37
            Beyond The Expanse                                                                            1:58
               The Third Heaven                                                                                 1:49
               The Celestial Sea                                                                                   3:26

       8) Eternal Reward                                                         8:57
                The Ingathering                                                                                    2:58
                The Narrow Door                                                                                 3:50
                Upon The Sea Of Glass                                                                        2:09

                                 Total Playing Time 44:18

The concept for this project came about as I began to understand that all of creation started off with water. When our spirits go back to God we also pass through the waters above. There is also the vivid imagery of baptism; being akin to crossing the Red Sea, Jordan, or the final crossing over: what I call The Ingathering. Another interesting thing that I perceived was the trinity of waters. That observation formed the backbone of this recording. So the structure for this CD started with the 3 trinity of waters suites, then the two mini-suites about birth and baptism, 2 separate but related tracks and the closing "Eternal Reward" suite which is a picture of our return to God and receiving our new bodies.

Some background on the songs:

The 3 main suites "Waters Above", "Waters Below", and "Waters Within" are a musical interpretation of what I call the trinity of waters; as well as the 3 heavens (reflected in the 3 acoustic pieces). The 2 mini-suites "Born Of Water", and "Born Of Spirit" are the two births and baptisms. "River Of Life" and "Rainbow Promise" are separate but related songs of further gifts from God. The closing suite "Eternal Reward" is partially inspired by the following verses Isa. 52:12, 58:8, Rev. 22:12. I gained a real longing for my new body as I am suffering with the flu while finishing this project. Those of you with more scriptural knowledge will find yet more things in these pieces. I enjoy your feedback. By the way "The Narrow Door" contains two messages.

Happy journeys and listen away!             Dean Drennan

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