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Vancouver, WA Dean Drennan launches FireCloud Productions in 1998 with the release of “The Refreshing”. This music is cross-genre and hard to categorize, but for lack of another term would probably best fit in the "new age" category. There are nature sounds and various effects along with synthesis and guitars. It is mostly instrumental. There are themes to each recording. He tells stories and paint pictures using his music. It is truly visionary and inspiring.


Review of FireCloud Productions in general  from - Dean Drennan has an impressive amount of self produced albums and what's even more impressive is, there is not a bad song on any of them. This masterful composer blends real world sounds with new aged style music to create the most relaxing and refreshing compositions that I've heard. Some of the music transmits a nice jazz feel from the music which is communicated in a whole new light. The real world sounds are of trickling brooks, ocean waves, birds and all sorts of peaceful sounds. The music that accompanies these sounds is an inspirational blend of guitars, synthesizers, and everything in between. Each album has it's own uniqueness and originality. All of the songs on each album seem to present a theme. Dean is the type of composer who paints beautiful images with his music while allowing the listener to drift off in a state of bliss. Each and every album is professionally mastered so that nothing gets in the way of the listeners peaceful journeys. Most of the songs on this collection of albums are instrumentals, but the song that stands out in my mind the most is the song "Memory from Beyond (Through Clouds)" from the "Remembrances" album. The poetic lyrics to this song are sad yet uplifting at the same time. The feeling that Dean conveys with his music is indescribable. These are all albums that you must hear to appreciate. I have never felt more at peace from listening to music than I have with this music. Gunther G. for The Global Muse


Review of the release “Passage To Eden (2000)  from - The thing that I always loved about the music that Dean Drennan creates is the shear beauty of it. Dean uses his natural surroundings to create music that is so peaceful and refreshing, it relaxes every part of you mind, body and soul. Whether it’ the sounds of birds or a trickling stream flowing along to the tranquil sounds of Dean’s uplifting journeys, you can allow your mind to drift away with the music. Passage to Eden is the perfect title of this double CD collection of inspirational masterpieces. The music is always uplifting and leaves the impression of good feeling with you. Some of the compositions on this album are progressive movements that last over 10 minutes, but your journey makes the time simply fly by. You'll definitely wish that they were longer. I've had the pleasure of hearing most of Deans work and I have to say that Passage to Eden is the album that sums it all up. It's Dean Drennan at his best.  Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM


Review of the release “Gathering Of the tribes” (2001 )from  - Over the years, I've had the pleasure of watching Dean Drennan grow as an artist in the new age genre. Dean has always been able to captivate his listeners with his beautiful arrangements. Utilizing new age synth sounds and real life sounds of nature, Dean creates some remarkable and very refreshing works. With his latest album Gather Of The Tribes, Dean brings in even more of that real world beauty and shows off his talent like never before. The music on this album is so relaxing. The tribal drum sounds and chants are mixes with powerful synth and guitar sounds to create a beauty that can only be imagined. One can't help but feel better after listening to this music. Dean Drennan has the ability to shine a new light on the world we live in with the music he creates. The beauty behind this music is difficult to describe with only words. One cannot truly understand the captivating power of this music without first experiencing it for themselves. The growing popularity of new age music may invoke many newcomers to join the genre, but only the true masters can really show the listener a new perspective on the world. Dean Drennan is definitely one of those masters. 

Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM.


Review of FireCloud Productions Sampler Volume 2 from

FireCloud Productions started as a pet project following Dean Drennan’s layoff from his job. And from there it’s just taken off seeing a total of 10 CDs since ’98. His sound is certainly new age and instrumental in nature but he deviates from stereotypes and refuses to be categorized. All of his songs however share one unique thing, which is an uplifting spirit and a sound that could almost be found in nature. Truly beautiful and relaxing to boot. 



Now with a total of 22 CD projects, and 3 sampler CDs to date Dean is continuing stronger than ever. He has established numerous sites, and his own domain and server with samples, streams, and online CD sales available.


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